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Our modern world is packed full of stress and distractions. In this age of sensory overload and constant stress, there’s an understated value in knowing how to focus and stay present in the moment. At Chan’s Martial Arts, you will learn how to find inner peace that carries over into the workplace, home, and wherever else your life takes you.

Professionals in West Michigan sign up for our adult martial arts classes for an array of reasons. No matter if your interest is in physical health, improved confidence, or developing emotional and mental strength by pushing yourself to new limits, we will help you find that which you seek!

Benefits of Adult Martial Arts Classes

Far too many adults have the misconception that the martial arts are just a matter of kicking, punching, and sparring. Having helped countless students of all ages develop inner strength since 2003, we can assure you this does not even come close to scratching the surface.

Naturally, you will strengthen your body and learn how to physically defend yourself during the course of our lessons, but you can think of these as just being branches of a tree. The roots of the tree are the confidence, dedication, and self-empowerment you achieve.

Positive Stress Relief

Many professionals just like yourself are seeking stress-free, confident lifestyle strategies. Is there really a way to obtain successful techniques for a better life, though? At Chan’s Martial Arts, we can assure you there are. How do we know this? We have seen students grow, learn how to manage stress in a positive manner, and become stronger than they ever realized was possible!

Through our classes you will learn to:

  • Be Self-Empowered – Take command of your health, your career, your lifestyle, and your destiny. Nothing provides more confidence than being in control of your mind and body, and able to positively affect your surroundings.
  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – The “comfort zone” paralyzes you and takes away your ability to achieve great things, which is why you must learn to step outside of it. Freedom only comes through looking past that which you already know and trying something new.
  • Overcome Barriers – Smash through your previously self-imposed limitations. You know you’re capable of more. We will teach you how to reach beyond the things that are holding you back so you can soar to new heights.

You’re Steps Away from Having the Peace and Satisfaction You are Capable of!

At Chan’s Martial Arts, we teach self-defense skills so you can be in command of any situation, reach past your comfort zone, and push through the obstacles holding you back from becoming the person you want to be – the strategies to lead you into a stress-free lifestyle are within your reach!

For more information on the adult martial arts classes we offer, or to sign up for a program today so you start enjoying the benefits martial arts provide, give us a call at (616) 796-3280.

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