Frequently Asked Questions

How much do martial arts classes cost?

Chan’s Martial Arts provides multiple options for tuition payments. A down payment determines the monthly tuition rate. We also have paid in full options with significant savings.

How many days can I attend? When are classes held?

We are open six days per week. Students have multiple options to attend required classes throughout the week.

Are there additional fees besides tuition?
Our program tuition includes the training days, belt promotions and tip testing.
Do I need to sign a contract? Can I do monthly or private lessons?

We are invested in the students here at Chan’s Martial Arts. We want to have the commitment from our students to attend class so they can benefit from the training. We ask our students to make a commitment to reach their full potential in martial arts. Month-to month agreements are not the most beneficial to students. However, private lessons are available upon request.

What happens if I can't continue training and need to quit?
In the event that a student is no longer able to train, we are able to be flexible with training agreements and work out a solution to best fit the family.
What is the difference between karate and tae kwon do?
These are two different styles of martial arts. They have different movements within their forms. Within our curriculum, we focus on self-defense, physical fitness, and character development.
What is the age you start student training?

Students can begin their training as young as four years old through the adult years.

Are parents required to stay while their child is in class?
Although not required to stay, parents are a great part of our culture at Chan’s Martial Arts. We encourage parents to stay while classes are held.
Do you have classes for adults?

Yes. We have classes for adults only and family classes.

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