Martial Arts vs. Other After-School Activities

by | Jun 26, 2017

As children grow, they spend a great deal of time in classroom settings, learning and reading about important subjects like math, history, and science. Of course, they spend plenty of time outside of school as well and have countless options for after-school activities. Some activities are better than others, so let’s take the time to see how they compare to each other.

Before we jump in too far, we should rule out “activities” like video games and television. There is no actual activeness in watching television. (You don’t even have to get up to change the channel like you did years ago!) Studies show there might be some cognitive benefits from playing video games, but the human body needs more physical movement than they require.

Instead, let’s compare martial arts to more positive activities like theater, playing an instrument, and traditional sports.

Martial Arts vs. Theater

Children who participate in musicals and plays can develop creativity, memorization skills, and learn how to express themselves. Those are all admirable traits and skills, and they can all be realized through martial arts as well!

As a student acquires new martial art skills, he will learn creative ways to combine them. When done for a kata (or “form”), this requires memorization and even extends into the realm of self-expression. A key distinction between the activities, however, is the fact that martial arts practice leads to a stronger, leaner body. The same is not necessarily the case with acting.

Martial Arts vs. Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument requires a tremendous amount of patience, discipline, and dedication. A student with the goal of earning her black belt needs all of those as well, however, so we should consider other differences.

Being able to truly excel at a musical instrument requires a certain degree of natural talent. This is not the case with martial arts. With the right amount of hard work, discipline, and perseverance, virtually anyone can earn his or her black belt.

Martial Arts vs. Traditional Sports

It’s rather likely your child has had more exposure to sports like soccer or football than martial arts. With that being the case, he or she knows to expect a tryout process for these sports.

There are no tryouts or cuts with marital arts. There’s no “sitting on the sideline” or “warming the bench,” either. Everyone participates the whole time. Also, we don’t have a “karate season,” so a student can continue to develop and grow through martial arts all year long!

Theater, music, and sports are all positive after-school activities and have their respective merits. With that being said, they are not able to offer the full spectrum of benefits that can be achieved through studying martial arts. If you want your child to be able reach his or her full potential in life, Chan’s Martial Arts is an excellent choice. Give us a call today at (616) 796-3280 to find out more!

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