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Who We Are

Chan’s Martial Arts is a family owned, Christian-based business. Chan and Rachael Anouthai own and operate Chan’s Martial Arts. The martial arts school opened its doors in 2003.

The Anouthais are passionate about encouraging and building up children and adults through martial arts.

Residing in Holland, Chan’s is a favorite martial arts school in West Michigan. We provide a safe and positive learning environment for students.

What We Believe

At Chan’s Martial Arts, we commit to excellence. We strive to be leaders in our community by teaching with integrity and respect. Our mission is to teach our students self-confidence with the highest level of respect for self and others. Our martial arts style is Korean Tae Kwon Do, which means “the way of the hand and foot.”

Success is sought through positive coaching that will challenge you. Our goal is to spark physical, mental and spiritual success, leading you to an improved sense of health and confidence.

We believe that if we can’t show you how martial arts can improve your life through discipline and hard work, then we’ve failed you as teachers. As many say, there are no bad students. We make it our mission to continually help you to develop, both as a student and as a person.

Build Strength and Face Challenges

Each individual has their own unique strengths and weakness, and we recognize the necessity to work with each person where they are in the moment. Only by challenging our weaknesses can we continue to grow.

Achieving one’s goals often takes time. When first entering martial arts, sore muscles and achy limbs often become a student’s first obstacle. But it’s not really the pain that holds us back – it’s whether we are willing to push through it. Through the struggle, we build strength.

We want to help you become stronger. We want you to find success in every path. Martial arts is a great way to learn the necessary discipline and discover how much you’re truly capable of accomplishing!

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