After-School Martial Arts Program

Too often, people mistakenly think about martial arts as simply being a matter of learning how to punch and kick, yet this isn’t even close to what we actually do for our students. Sure, our students stay physically active and learn valuable self-defense skills, but the true value from practicing martial arts is found in personal growth and self-improvement in areas like confidence, focus, discipline, and respect.

Now, if you take a moment to think about skills necessary for success in school—and life! —confidence, focus, discipline, and respect are all at the top of the list.

That’s why having Chan’s Martial Arts come to your school for an after-school program is so beneficial to students! Of course, as you’ll see, students aren’t the only ones who benefit!

Benefits of an After-School Martial Arts Program

For Students

Parents have many options when it comes to after-school activities for their children. Naturally, some—including the athletic, music, and theater options at your school—are more popular than others, but few are able to offer the full spectrum of benefits students receive from Chan’s Martial Arts!

Our program is created with a clearly-defined curriculum that encourages participants to set goals, rely on themselves, and experience consistent progress (even during just a matter of a couple of weeks). Kids who participate learn respect for themselves and others, like the teachers at your school. As they learn new skills, their self-confidence rises and children develop an understanding that hard work pays off!

Regarding the misconception that martial arts is “all kicks and punches,” we actually promote peaceful conflict resolution skills. Students learn how to be strong, confident, and deal with adversity in a positive manner. True martial artists go to greater lengths to avoid fights, and we are inclined to believe you would prefer to have children with this mindset on school grounds.

For Parents

Adults live in a hectic world. Further, certain economic realities or employment situations mean some parents may work more than one job, or non-traditional hours. In these situations, it is best that children have a safe, positive environment. When you host our after-school program, you are providing a valuable service for the parents of your students.

In addition to knowing their children are safe and being carefully supervised, parents also appreciate seeing the growth and personal development that comes from martial arts. The self-discipline and focus instilled in children carry over to household chores and homework. (We find that there aren’t too many parents who complain about their sons or daughters being more helpful at home or completing their academic assignments!)

For Schools

We are proud to be a West Michigan institution. Our home community has given so much to us, so we appreciate every opportunity we have to give back. When you partner with Chan’s Martial Arts, we donate every dollar we receive from participants in this program to your school.

Unlike with other fundraising events, though, your school has the added benefit of students who are more respectful to teachers and fellow students, have better self-discipline, and are committed to doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

As noted previously, those who study martial arts develop conflict resolution abilities that do not require resorting to violence. They learn a greater understanding of the fact our actions have consequences and gain mindfulness to the role we all play in our community.

For more information on how we can partner together for the greater education and development of our West Michigan youth, give Chan’s Martial Arts a call at (616) 796-3280 and we can discuss details and create a plan that works best for you.

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