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Martial Arts vs. Other After-School Activities

As children grow, they spend a great deal of time in classroom settings, learning and reading about important subjects like math, history, and science. Of course, they spend plenty of time outside of school as well and have countless options for after-school...

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4 Ways Martial Arts Can Help Your Child in School

The University of Madrid conducted a three-year study—including over 2,000 individuals between the ages of 6 and 18—to explore how exercise affects academic performance. If you’ve ever read about the mental and emotional benefits that come from exercise, you will...

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How Martial Arts Helps Your Child Build Character

There are countless ways humans develop and build character throughout our lives. This can happen naturally, but there are also measures you can take to enhance the process. We are proud to provide such an option here at Chan’s Martial Arts. When your child signs up...

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